What Are the Properties of Helium?


The properties of helium are that it has low melting point, it is light in weight and it is colourless. Helium is the only liquid which cannot be solidified by lowering the temperature, but solidifies by increasing the temperature and it has a puny trend to combine with other elements.
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helium is chemically inert and has no chemical properties.
Gaseous chemical element, symbol: He, atomic number: 2 and atomic weight
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Discovery: Sir William Ramsay, N. A. Langley, and P. T. Cleve are credited with the discovery of helium in 1895.
Properties of helium: atomic weight is 4.00260, melting point is -272.2 degrees Celsius, boiling point is -268.9 degrees Celsius, colorless and has 2 electron shells.
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