What Are the Properties of Iron?


The symbol of iron is Fe; its melting point (for pure iron) is 1536 oC; boiling point 2861 oC; it is shiny silver gray; ductile, and malleable. Chemically, iron is known to exist in 4 crystalline forms; rusts when exposed to moisture; dissolves readily in dilute acids; it is chemically active and forms 2 major series of chemical compounds. Iron is one of the 3 naturally occurring magnetic elements together with nickel and cobalt, and has a high tensile strength.
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Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron. Ductile iron is characterized by having all of its graphite occur in microscopic spheroidsCast iron is formed by remelting pig iron, and is
Iron is a mineral that is needed to formulated red blood cells so that they carry oxygen and blood through out our bodies. Iron is found in eggs, green leafy vegetables and enriched
Iron: Atomic Mass Average: 55.847; Boiling Point: 3023K (2750 degre...
Iron sucrose is an intravenous drug approved for treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adult patients suffering from kidney disease and being treated with hemodialysis or peritoneal
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Discovery: Iron has been known since ancient times.
Iron is a shiny, vivid white metal that is soft, malleable, pliable and strong. Its surface is typically discoloured by corrosion as it combines readily with the oxygen of the air in the existence of moisture. In entirely dry air, iron does not rust.
Iron is a chemical element with various properties which include being shiny, bright white in colour and soft. Iron is also malleable, ductile and strong. It is the only metal in meteorites and in the presence of air that one it gets in contact with moisture it rusts.
The properties of iron: melting point is 1535.1 degrees Celsius, boiling point is 2750 degrees Celsius, iron is gray in color and is solid in its natural state.
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