Properties of Sugar?


The primary properties of sugar are: it is sweet, has a rough texture, and it dissolves in liquids, taste. These properties can be classified into four: the sensory, physical, microbial and chemical. These properties of sugar make it an important ingredient of pharmaceutical and sugar based products.
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Sugar is any of numerous sweet, colourless organic compounds that dissolve readily in water and occur in the sap of seed plants and the milk of mammals. Sugars (whose names end in
Sugar is primarily an inexpensive natural sweetener and a nutritive
Concentrated sulfuric acid and sugar undergo a fairly spectacular kind of dehydration reaction. The sulfuric acid solution donates hydrogen ions to oxygens in alcohol (OH) groups
When you think of sugar, it is easy to imagine a substance rife with calories, devoid of nutrients and that it offers zero health benefits. Cane sugar is different from brown, white
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The difference between starch and sugar is in the size, physical properties and the uses. All sugars are monosaccharaides e.g. glucose and fructose while all starch ...
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