Pros and Cons of Recycling?


The pros of recycling are saving energy, reduction in green house gases, minimising the pressure on natural resources while the cons are; not all waste can be recycled and the initial costs in setting up recycling plants are enormous.
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PROS. Recycling is good for our environment because we are reusing the things that we already used and if everybody recycled we wouldn't need to cut down as much trees. CONS. Recycling
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pro: you get a little money. pro: your helping the environment. pro: respect. con: you might get a little sticky. con: you have to separate cans from other junk people throw. con:
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Some pros and cons of recycling include you are extending the life of the earth. Another pro is recycling it helps clean the air. A con to recycling is, it is sometimes inconvenient.
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You will always hear about the pros of recycling and how it is important to the environment, but no one really mentions the cons of recycling. Some of the cons ...
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