Pros and Cons of Recycling?


The pros of recycling are saving energy, reduction in green house gases, minimising the pressure on natural resources while the cons are; not all waste can be recycled and the initial costs in setting up recycling plants are enormous.
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PROS recycling is good for the enviornment it doesnt waste trees and we need trees to breath and thats all i can think of CONS there are none! recycling kicks butt
There are differing views when it comes to abortion. To say which view is the pro or con is a matter of opinion. The right-to-life is one viewpoint, where unwanted and teen pregnancy
Pros- It does help clean the envoironment. Certain materials being recycled makes sense as far as depletion goes, especially in metals. Cons- Gov. has you doing the separating and
Glyphosate is very effective and reliable. Usually only one application per growing season is necessary to kill weeds. If you must use chemical herbicide, glyphosate is less harmful
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Some pros and cons of recycling include you are extending the life of the earth. Another pro is recycling it helps clean the air. A con to recycling is, it is sometimes inconvenient.
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You will always hear about the pros of recycling and how it is important to the environment, but no one really mentions the cons of recycling. Some of the cons ...
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