What are the pros and cons of solar energy?


The pros of solar energy are; it is environmentally accepted and it allows the user to be less reliant on the world's fossil fuel supplies. Its cons are: it is expensive, weather can affect the competence of solar cells, and to some level it is connect to mild pollution.
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The monetary savings for solar energy are obvious in terms of lowering your energy costs. Solar energy can be used to power everything in your home, or just a few of the big appliances
The pros and cons of welfare affect different people. One pro is that people who have low income are provided some assistance for getting their every day needs. One con is that sometimes
Advantages: Sunlight is free They are pollution free, that is, no carbon dioxide greenhouse gas apart from their manufacture. Disadvantages: Some people have a flawed concept of solar
Couple of cons. The less sun an area gets, the less effective solar panels are. They work really well in Arizona and central Califoria-they wouldn't work very well in Britain. They
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy?
Solar energy is a sure way to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and move toward a more renewable resource. Solar energy can create electricity, warm water, power vehicles and even run that calculator you use on a daily basis. While solar energy has a... More »
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