What are the minimum requirements for a startup to be eligible to sponsor H1B visa?


Hi Ravi, You might have read the overview I am linking to below, but I encourage you to read it carefully because it touches on a number of topics which are relevant to your questions. H1-B Visa Reform: What is the process of sponsoring (for the
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H-1B visa applicants must minimally hold a bachelor's degree. If the degree was earned in another country, it must be equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree (which is determined through
The H-1B visas are a visa program that allows American companies and universities to employ foreign scientists, engineers, programmers, and other professionals in the United States.
you clearly meet the basic requirements. now, all you need is a sponsor, and an approved petition. the petition can be submitted in April, but you won't be able to work before October
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The H-1B is non-immigrant Visa in the US which allows temporary employment of foreigners by US employers in some speciality occupations. Such speciality occupations ...
The H4 visa process requires you to submit a form along with your passport size photographs, visa and other documentations. The H4 visa will be issued to you once ...
To apply to obtain an H1B Visa you have to meet all guidelines and requirements as well as the employer that will be sponsoring you. There is a Cap of 65,000 ...
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