What are the requirements for getting a passport?


As of 2014, the requirements for an adult to obtain a U.S. passport are a completed Form DS-11, evidence of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, payment of the application fee and a submission of a passport photo. Additional requirements are necessary for a person under the age of 18.

Applicants under 16 must provide evidence of U.S. citizenship, parental consent, photo identification and evidence of the parental relationship. Those who are 16 or 17 must have a naturalization certificate, a U.S. birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship and photo identification. Applicants outside the U.S. have a different application process from U.S.-based applicants but use the same application forms.

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Application. A completed application, form DS-11, is required. It can be downloaded from the U.S. Department of State or picked up at most U.S. post offices. Proof of Citizenship.
General Requirements for Passport Renewal would be: Personal appearance. Confirmed appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs. No need to submit a passport size photo. Most
"You must Complete and Submit Form DS-11: Application For A U.S. Passport, Submit
Overview All applications for a U.S. passport must be accompanied by a photo of the applicant. The U.S. Department of State has strict guidelines that passport pictures must abide
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What Are the Requirements for Getting a Passport?
The United States fully implemented the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative in June 2009. This initiative means that all citizens of the United States, Canada and Bermuda must have a valid passport to enter or re-enter the U.S. Many travelers now have... More »
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