What Are the Requirements to Win a Nobel Prize?


Nearly everyone has heard of the Nobel Prize, but not many know what the requirements are to win one. There are no steadfast or clear-cut rules as to how the winners are determined. Some of the requirements include advancing human knowledge, creating solutions to world problems, or creating shifts in thinking for a particular field like physics. Some notable examples of people who have wone a Nobel Prize are Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Jody Williams, and Albert Einstein.
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The Nobel Prize is a renowned international prize instituted by the the inventor of dynamite, Swedish scientific genius Alfred Nobel, through his last will and testament of 1895.
Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in trasforming the government of South Africa from one that was opressive to black (and Indian) people into a multi racial democracy
Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Albert Einstein
Ralph Bunche. The first African-American, and in fact the first person of African descent, to win the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1950, was Dr. Ralph Bunche. The second, Dr. Martin Luther
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