What are the safest cities in Northern California?


The safest city in Northern California is Saratoga. It is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains foothills and there were fewer than 20 violent crimes committed there in 2011. Los Altos, which is also near the Silicon Valley, is considered the second safest city. Other cities in the same region share the area's reputation for safety.

The third safest city in Northern California is Lincoln, a suburb of Sacramento with fewer than 30 violent crimes reported in 2011. Danville, 30 miles east of San Francisco, is a quaint and upscale town that ranks highly for safety. San Ramon, a medium-sized town near the San Francisco Bay Area, boasts very low unemployment as well as low crime.

Soledad, a small community in the center of the Salinas Valley, is filled with vineyards and has a very low crime rate. Cupertino, the home of Apple Computers, is another Silicon Valley city with high community involvement and a low crime rate. Foster City, a planned community in San Mateo County, is very safe, with only two robberies reported in 2011. Pacifica, on the San Francisco peninsula, experienced only seven robberies in 2011 and is the 23rd safest city in all of California. The 10th safest city in northern California is Hercules in the East San Francisco Bay area.

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