What Are the Seven Dietary Guidelines?


The seven dietary guidelines include consuming different kind of foods, regular physical activity, eating grain products and taking sugar in moderation. Others are eating food that has low saturated fats, low cholesterol and alcohol as well as salts should be consumed in moderation.
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Cholesterol, Choose a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits and grain
no fruit snacks or gummie bears.
The USDA 2005 Food Pyramid (the. old. guidelines¹, now) characterize one serving as the following: Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta. (recommended: 6-11 servings) 1 slice of bread.
Don't follow the US guidelines. They are completely out of whack and they will cause health problems in the long run. I know several people who have followed that diet and died in
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The seven dietary guidelines are: 1) Eat a bunch of different types of foods. 2) Find a your healthy weight and try to maintain it. 3) Keep your saturated fat and cholesterol as low as possible. 4) Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. 5) Watch how much sugar you eat. 6) Limit your salt and sodium. Remove the salt shaker from your table, and try not to cook with salt. 7) Limit your alcohol. Your body will use it as fuel instead of the food you eat or the fat you have stored.
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