What Are the Side Effects of Goji Juice?


Goji berries can have varying concentrations of atropine, a toxic alkaloid. Although the berries are below the possible toxic amount, an excess of atropine may lead to dizziness, nausea, imbalance and blurry vision. In the elderly, it may cause confusion and hallucination. It is advisable not to consume above the recommended dosage of goji juice.
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Anti-coagulant. Goji juice has active compounds that have a blood thinning effect. While the anti-coagulant properties are beneficial for some. health conditions., they may have a
Himalayan Goji Juice comes from Himalayan Goji berries and is reported to have
Your skin may turn orange.
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What Are the Side Effects of Goji Juice?
Goji juice is extracted from the goji berry, which is native to the slopes of the Himalayas where it has long been highly valued as a remedy for a range of health conditions. However, like most natural remedies, goji juice may have some side effects that... More »
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