What are the signs of a bad torque converter?


The warning signs of a bad torque converter include transmission slippage and surging, partial loss of vehicular power, problems when attempting to switch gears and abnormal engine noise. According to Cars Direct, these symptoms may occur separately or simultaneously. Immediate service and converter replacement is the only way to prevent catastrophic engine damage.

The function of the torque converter is to pump hydraulic fluid into the transmission. The transmission cannot function optimally without the proper amount of fluid at the correct pressure, which is why partial loss of power is the most obvious sign of torque converter problems. When the converter no longer consistently maintains the correct hydraulic fluid pressure, the transmission surges and slips. The most obvious symptom of transmission slippage is engine revolutions in excess of 3,500 per minute. Vehicles experiencing slippage also accelerate poorly.

Bad torque converters frequently produce knocking, whistling or grinding. It is extremely important to listen for unusual noises because they often develop during the early stages of torque converter damage. These unexpected sounds are valuable early warnings that indicate looming problems with the torque converter, hydraulic lines and transmission.

Torque converter problems require expert diagnosis and professional repair or replacement. Vehicles that manifest signs of converter trouble require urgent attention.

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A torque converter is the car part that transfers the power from the engine to the axles and wheels to make the car move. It is almost like having a reduction gear. Look here for
if it is making a loud knocking noise it is about to go out. If when you put it in to gear, it jumps in to it and the car starts to move instantly then the converter may be shot.
A torque converter is a fluid coupling, meaning that it uses fluid to transfer power from one place to another. The outer case of the torque converter bolts to the engine, and fins
A torque converter is a mechanical or hydraulic device for changing the ratio of torque
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What Are the Signs of a Bad Torque Converter?
A transmission torque converter is a very important part of a vehicle's transmission. Basically a giant pump, a torque converter ensures the proper flow of hydraulic transmission fluid throughout a vehicle's transmission. A bad torque converter can... More »
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