Signs of a Bad Water Pump?


The signs of a bad water pump include: leaking, frequent overheating and unusual noises. A coolant pool in the usual parking place and a malfunctioning air conditioning is also a sign of a bad water pump.
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usually when a water pump goes bad your bearing in the pulley on it will start sqealing or your car starts to overheat quite frequently
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seal leaking, the bearing going out or the propeller is broken !
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There can be many signs of a bad water pump. One sign is the car may overheat when going up hill. Coolant leaking would be another sign.
One sign of a bad water pump is if the pump starts making a groaning or grinding sound. This usually occurs when the seal becomes compromise, and the coolant gets into the bearings and washes out the grease. This will eventually cause the bearing to seize or overheat.
The major signs of a bad water pump are the car running at high temperatures and smoke coming from the hood of the car. A bad water pump should be replaced as soon as possible.
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