Signs of a Serial Killer?


The signs of a serial killer include a background that is most likely from an unstable family. The families of serial killers frequently have unlawful, psychiatric and alcohol abuse histories. In addition they ever are mixed up with cruel activities.
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1 Serial killers often start out their "careers" by maiming, harming, and torturing small animals. In extreme cases, they have been known to spend hours inflicting a slow
being anti-social. liking fire. wetting bed. peeping on males or females. being bullies or involved in some gang or racist gang or sexist gang. loves to lie and is manipulative. They
A serial killer is a term used when a person murders more than one person. The murders can be spread out over a period of time and they typically have a pattern.
The most essential characteristic is an excessive need for power and control. We see this in
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The most common warning sign portrayed by potential serial killers is the love of setting fires. Another indicator is when young people take pleasure in harming ...
A serial Killer is a person who has killed more than 3 people in a month. Serial killers start by killing and torturing small animals such as cats or dogs. In ...
A serial killer is someone who kills several people in a short period of time,most of these serial killers have patterns which they use to slect their targets.There ...
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