What are the signs of a sterile man?


According to the Mayo Clinic, the inability to conceive a child is the most common sign of male infertility. There may be no other obvious signs of a sterile male, but some potential symptoms include sexual dysfunction; pain, swelling or lump in the testicle area; small, firm testicles; changes in hair growth; changes in sexual desire; or a lower-than-normal sperm count.

Signs of infertility in men are often vague, and a man may not be aware of them until he tries to conceive. Symptoms also depend upon what is causing the infertility. Problems with sexual function include difficulty ejaculating or difficulty maintaining an erection, known as erectile dysfunction. Pain, swelling, discomfort or a lump in the testicles could indicate a tumor or other trauma to the testicle area, whereas decreased facial and body hair and lowered sex drive could indicate a hormonal imbalance, WebMD states.

Several medical conditions can affect a man’s ability to produce and ejaculate sperm. Healthy sperm is needed to fertilize a woman’s egg and conceive a child. A lower-than-normal sperm count is considered fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen, or less than 39 million sperm per ejaculate, as noted by the Mayo Clinic. A man is unlikely to know that he has a low sperm count until he consults a doctor for testing.

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