What are the signs of an animal dying?


Signs that an animal is dying include a significant reduction in mobility and the animal being in a significant amount of pain. The animal may also starts to urinate as well as defecate on itself.
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There are a few different signs significant of an animal dying. The first sign is abnormal behavior; the animal just doesn't act normal. The eyes can get sunken in and may dilate. The animal's fur may start to fall out. The animal may experience excessive drooling. Finally, the animal may have body spasms. Of course, a vet should be involved with the situation and would be able to give more information on what you should watch for. You can find more information here: http://cats.lovetoknow.com/Signs_of_an_Old_Cat_Dying
Signs of an animal dying include the loss of appetite. They may even cry as if they are in pain. Another sign is when they start hiding away and no longer sleep in their regular spot.
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