What Are the Signs of Zinc Overdose?


Taking too much zinc might cause some distasteful and potentially dangerous side effects and the signs to look for a zinc overdose include abdominal distress and compromised immune system. Other signs are mineral deficiencies which may include severe fatigue, paleness of the skin, headaches and heart arrhythmia.
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Overdosing on zinc may cause, or contribute to gastrointestinal problems,
simply put, you fall asleep. Thats not true.I am a recovering meth addict and from personal expierence with meth overdose I can tell you that some of the signs are:overstimulation.sever
Bacitracin zinc is a medicine applied to cuts and other skin wounds to help prevent infection. Bacitracin is a germ-killing medicine called an antibiotic. Small amounts of bacitracin
Single intravenous doses of 1 to 2 mg Zinc/kg body weight have been given to adult leukemic patients without toxic manifestations. However, acute toxicity was reported in an adult
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