What are the steps of germination?


When studying botany, you may need to know what the steps are of germination. Germination is when the seeds grow into the plant itself. There are three basic steps. The first step is when watering the seed results in the rupture of the seed coat. This leads into the second step, which is when the parts of the seed such as the radical emerge. The final step is the continued growth which results in the appearance of the leaves of the plants. Optimum water, soil, and sunlight are necessary for germination.
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scarification, the stratification and sowing.
Put some moist tissues on a plate. Put the seeds on top of them & then put a layer of
Pumpkin seeds germinate in five to 10 days under ideal conditions. Optimal soil temperature is 95 degrees, although the seeds will germinate at soil temperatures between 65 and 105
the first step of the germination of seeds is imbibition of water because when water imbibe out it become swell up and the seed coat become rupture out, then the cell become hydrate
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