What are the steps of germination?


When studying botany, you may need to know what the steps are of germination. Germination is when the seeds grow into the plant itself. There are three basic steps. The first step is when watering the seed results in the rupture of the seed coat. This leads into the second step, which is when the parts of the seed such as the radical emerge. The final step is the continued growth which results in the appearance of the leaves of the plants. Optimum water, soil, and sunlight are necessary for germination.
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Nearly every plant begins from a seed, which contains a plant's embryo. Germination is the point at which a plant begins to grow from the seed. The seed provides the embryo with a
Pea seeds
The seed slowly starts to grow.. i hope thats it.
Lima beans germinate in 18 days in soil at 68 degrees F and seven days when soil is 77 degrees F. When soil is too cold, the seeds rot before germination takes place. Lima beans also
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