What Are the Steps of Scientific Method?


The steps of scientific method include the observation and description of a phenomenon, formulation of a theory, analysing of the hypothesis through vigorous experiment and establishing a theory based on repeated proof of the results.
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1. state the problem. 2. gather information/research. 3. make hypothesis. 4. do the expiriment. 5. analyze results. 6. draw conclusions.
Make an observation, Ask a question, Formulate a hypothesis,
1. Develop a question you would like to resolve through scientific research. 2. Make observations by gathering information through background research and describing the phenomenon
The principal steps of the scientific method are: Define the
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There are several scientific methods that are used to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments. They include asking a question, doing background research, constructing a hypothesis, testing your hypothesis by doing an experiment, analyzing your data and drawing a conclusion and finally communicating your results.
The steps of the scientific method are hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion. In the hypothesis step, an explanation for an observable phenomenon is proposed. Then, experiments are done to test the hypothesis. Finally, the results are studies, and a conclusion is reached.
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