Symptoms of a Dying Cat?


The most common signs and symptoms of a dying cat include: lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, anorexia, foul odour, incontinence and a drop in body temperature. When a cat is too sick to recover, the progression from sickness to death can sometimes be so subtle.
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Your vet checks for an abnormal white blood cell count, which is how the illness is diagnosed. He also looks for iron-deficiency anemia, a condition that affects your kitty’
Feline leukemia virus (often abbreviated as FeLV) is a viral infection of cats that results in the development of leukemia, a cancer of white blood cells. Symptoms of feline leukemia
panting, staying in one place that's secluded and a higher temperature.
Depends if it's an inside or an outside cat. Inside cats live longer, usually about 15 years.
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