Symptoms of a Dying Cat?


The most common signs and symptoms of a dying cat include: lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, anorexia, foul odour, incontinence and a drop in body temperature. When a cat is too sick to recover, the progression from sickness to death can sometimes be so subtle.
Q&A Related to "Symptoms of a Dying Cat?"
The symptoms of a living cat include four clawed paws, a carnivorous diet, teeth suitable for tearing through meat and an irregular sleep-cycle that leaves them active both at night
It really depends on what is wrong with your cat. You should consult your vet
No Response. A cat that is going deaf may seem to completely ignore you when you speak to it. Your cat may no longer come when you call it or when it hears the bag or can of food
Has the vet done a full blood workup? If you're not satisfied with the treatment or explanation you've been given, you may want to try a different vet. She will die from dehydration
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