What Are the Symptoms of a Tortuous Aorta?


The symptoms of a tortuous aorta include shortness of breath and chest pains due to the physical changes in the spine or chest wall. Muscle fatigue and blockages in the blood flow due to the narrowing of the aorta passages can also be observed.
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Tortuous aorta is a pathological condition where the aorta has an irregular shape, usually contorted, and can affect blood flow coming out of the heart and to the body tissues.
The large blood vessel, the aorta, which takes blood from the heart and to every organ of the body normally takes a more or less direct route down through the body. A tortuous aorta
It means your Aorta twists and turns more than usual. It may or may not present a problem depending on the degree of twisting etc. If it is twisted to such and extent that some parts
Some symptoms are a pulsating feeling near the navel, tenderness or pain in
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