How can I tell if I have a weak car battery?


Critical symptoms of a weak car battery include difficulty in starting the vehicle, a check engine light turning on, a low fluid level, corrosion on the posts and a swollen battery case. Age affects battery performance as well.

Car batteries are susceptible to a variety of factors that shorten their effectiveness. Taking many short trips does not always give the battery time to recharge, for example. Extreme temperatures also cause a battery to become weak in many instances. Faulty electrical parts or wiring in the vehicle is another possible cause of a weak battery, as is leaving the lights on.

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A person should look out for symptoms of battery failure so that a vehicle will not stop working. dead battery image by Katrina Miller from Electrical systems in a vehicle
When you first turn the key to start your car, if you notice a momentary, split-second lull or "bog-down" before everything starts normally, your battery might be ready
Some signs that your car battery is going dead/bad are when
I think my sisters battery is dying because suddenly it goes from 40% to turning off completely! Mine usually lasts around 5 hours. If yours is playing up, back up all your stuff,
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What Are the Symptoms of a Weak Car Battery?
Electrical systems in a vehicle are pertinent for smooth operation of all components. These work through a vehicle's battery and include systems like ventilation, locks, starter, headlights and more. When a vehicle's battery is weak, or fails, it... More »
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