How can I tell if I have a weak car battery?


Critical symptoms of a weak car battery include difficulty in starting the vehicle, a check engine light turning on, a low fluid level, corrosion on the posts and a swollen battery case. Age affects battery performance as well.

Car batteries are susceptible to a variety of factors that shorten their effectiveness. Taking many short trips does not always give the battery time to recharge, for example. Extreme temperatures also cause a battery to become weak in many instances. Faulty electrical parts or wiring in the vehicle is another possible cause of a weak battery, as is leaving the lights on.

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If vehicle is slow on starting or does not act like it wants to start, the battery could be weak. According to experts at the Car Care website, one of the main symptoms of a weak
When you first turn the key to start your car, if you notice a momentary, split-second lull or "bog-down" before everything starts normally, your battery might be ready
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I think my sisters battery is dying because suddenly it goes from 40% to turning off completely! Mine usually lasts around 5 hours. If yours is playing up, back up all your stuff,
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What Are the Symptoms of a Weak Car Battery?
Electrical systems in a vehicle are pertinent for smooth operation of all components. These work through a vehicle's battery and include systems like ventilation, locks, starter, headlights and more. When a vehicle's battery is weak, or fails, it... More »
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