Symptoms of Getting Your Period?


The symptoms of getting your period include: mood swings, breast tenderness, acne, cramps in the lower abdomen, high body temperatures, fatigue, back aches or pains and food cravings or increased appetite.
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Waiting to go through menopause is the only natural way to get rid of your period. Talk with your doctor about what kinds of birth control methods are available as some can shorten
Discharge, cramps and pain.
1. Soak in a warm bath or place heating pad on your abdomen, suggests The warmth may relax your muscles and may alleviate some of the cramping. (Reference 2) 2.
1. Carry these essentials with you inside a bag/backpack. : extra pads or tampons , travel size Advil or Midol, water ,a snack such as a granola bar or bag full of pretzels (you will
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Yes you can have symptoms of having your period and not get your period while in the early stage of menopause. Since you can get pregnant at any age it is still ...
The symptoms of starting your period include painful cramping, acne, breast inflammation and softness, bloating and food cravings. Others include the occurrence ...
Dis-charge,mood swings,hormones kick in and spots! Always be prepared,it can come anyday! ...
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