What Are the Symptoms of Hepatic Impairment?


The common symptoms of hepatic impairment are the same as those of liver failure and these are: jaundice, swollen abdomen, mental disorientation, sleepiness and coma. Hepatic impairment can be prevented through a hepatitis vaccine or an immunoglobulin sho,t in addition to intake of well balanced diet.
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mild fever muscle or joint aches nausea vomiting loss of appetite slight abdominal pain diarrhea fatigue The acute phase and its symptoms is rarely serious or fatal, although occasionally
It can be easy to mistake the symptoms of hepatitis B for something else.
Symptoms of Alcoholic Hepatitis: Loss of appetite Nausea & vomiting,
Acute infection with hepatitis C usually has no symptoms ("asymptomatic"). Occasionally, patients may develop a flu-like illness with jaundice, but this is the rare
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