What Are the Symptoms of Hepatic Impairment?


The common symptoms of hepatic impairment are the same as those of liver failure and these are: jaundice, swollen abdomen, mental disorientation, sleepiness and coma. Hepatic impairment can be prevented through a hepatitis vaccine or an immunoglobulin sho,t in addition to intake of well balanced diet.
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-Weight loss.loss of appetite.jaundice (yellow skin and whites of eyes, darker urine and pale faeces)a short, mild, flu-like illness.nausea and vomiting.itchy skin.diarrheoa.
Hep C more symptoms: Dark-colored urine (may look like cola or tea)
The symptoms of hepatitis B affect your whole body, and range from jaundice, to joint aches, to fever.
Symptoms of Hepatitis D: see symptoms of Hepatitis D
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