Symptoms of Kidney Disease?


The most common symptoms of kidney disease are: tiredness, swollen ankles, swollen feet or hands (due to water withholding), shortness of breath, an increased need to urinate, particularly at night, nausea, erectile dysfunction in men and itchy skin.
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1. Note if you have any changes in your urination habits. You may frequently have the urge to urinate but when you go to the bathroom, nothing happens. 2. Check if your urine is foamy
Symptoms of Kidney disease: see symptoms of Kidney disease
Kidney disease symptoms include changes in urination, swelling in the
The signs and symptoms of kidney stones depend on the size of stone, location of the stone and certain associated factors. Some kidney stones may not cause any symptoms (known as
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Kidney Health And Kidney Disease Basics Symptoms
Kidney disease is a condition that can easily go unnoticed until the symptoms become severe. The following symptoms are the early warning signs that you might be developing kidney disease: fatigue, trouble concentrating, poor appetite, ... More »
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