What Are the Three Layers of Soil?


The three layers of soil are: top soil, sub soil and parent material. Typically, soil is made of horizons and the major horizons are O, A, B and C. Each of these horizons is a layer of soil that has a different composition of materials.
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The 3 main ones are Crust, like the part we live on. cant remember the second. its pretty much rock thought core, the lava
Subsoil is lighter in color because it contains a lower amount of humus or organic material than topsoil. Unlike topsoil, subsoil is packed tightly and has less space to retain water
the middle to next because of the deep undergrowing minreals in the soil.
the answer is permafrost im only 9 and i know that du.
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Soil has 3 major layers or horizons. The top layer is known as topsoil or the surface horizon. The second layer is subsoil. The third layer is called the substratum, but some might also call it bedrock. You can find more information here: http://soils.usda.gov/education/resources/K_12/lessons/profile/
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