What Are the Top Ten Precious Metals?


Metal is an alloy and a good conductor of both heat and electricity, the most valuable metal on earth are Gold, Indium, Silver, Rhenium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, Ruthenium, Platinum and Rhodium.
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Known as the King of Metals, gold is a highly valued precious metal. The temperature assigned to the freezing point of gold has served as a calibration point for the International
semi precious stones in different forms like cut stones, natural gemstones, beads, layout earrings, chips, necklace forms, faceted stones, cabochon stones, rondelles, agate beads
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The hardest known metal alloy, and the hardest known metal in general, is a type
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The top ten precious metals are Vanadium, Rubidium, Zirconium, Lithium, Glucinum, Calcium, Strontium, Terbium, Yttrium, and Erbium. Gold, Platinum, and Silver are much farther down on the list. You can find more info at: chestofbooks.com
The top ten precious metals include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Bronze. The most rare element would be Platinum, second rarest is gold and third is silver.
There are several precious metals, some worth thousands, some as cheap as silver. The top precious metals are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iridium, Palladium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Osmium, and Ruthenium.
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