What is xenon used for?


The uses of xenon includes making the flash lamps used in photographs. They are also used in the making of xenon arc lamps, fusion of xenon and neons that are used in the cells of plasma televisions, bubble chambers and calorimeters. Xenon is a colourless and odourless fine gas with very low reactivity.
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Xenon is a colourless, odourless, heavy noble gas appearing in the earth's atmosphere in small amounts. Xenon is used as a general anaesthetic and in flash and arc lamps. The chemical symbol for Xenon is Xe and it has an atomic number of 54.
Xenon is a chemical element of atomic number 54 and a member of the noble gases in the periodic table of elements. It is obtained by distillation of liquid air and it appears in trace amounts in the earth's atmosphere.
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In nature, Xenon exists in the earth's atmosphere as a rare gas. It is reported that the earth's atmosphere is composed of approximately 0.1 part per million of ...
Because of the rarity of xenon, it will cost you approximately $120.00 for 100 grams. That would equal to about $1.20. That is alot of money! ...
Xenon on its own does not have physical properties because it is a gas, but if it joins with other compounds then it can have slightly few physical properties. ...
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