What Are the Uses of Zinc?


Some of the uses of zinc are as an anti-corrosive agent, an anode, as a dietary supplement and in sunscreen. It is also known as spelter and is symbolised by Zn with an atomic number of 30.
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Zinc is used in building cars and die castings. Die castings are largely used in the electrical and hardware industries. Zinc is also used to galvanize metals. You can find more information here: http://www. radiochemistry. org/periodictable/elements/30. html
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Zinc sulphate is used for treating and preventing zinc deficiency, Muscle Cramps in Liver Cirrhosis, Psoriasis and Diarrhoea. Zinc also serves as a good mineral ...
Zinc nitrate is commonly used in the manufacture of inorganic zinc compounds ranging from catalysts to pigments and mordant in dyeing. This compound is also used ...
The element zinc is in the family called transition metals. Zinc was discovered in 1746 by a German chemist named Andreas Marggraf. On the periodic table, Zinc ...
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