What Are Tonsils Used for?


The tonsils are two clumps of tissue on the side of the throat that aid in the fighting of infections. Tonsils are composed of lymphoid tissues, which aid in the production of antibodies that help the body to fight against worms and parasites.
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What Are Tonsils Used For?
Tonsils are one of the body's mystery organs. They seem to be useless and we don't think much about them, until they hurt. Why we have tonsils is a question the medical community is still pondering.... More »
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Tonsils are organs of the lymphoid tissues that lie on both sides of the throat and are part of the immune system. They help to protect upper respiratory tract infections and pharyngeal infections by trapping bacteria in the air we inhale.
Tonsils are two petite masses of lymphoid tissue in the throat on the lymph system of the body. There are three parts of tonsils found in the backside of the mouth, the adenoids, the palantine and the lingual tonsils.
Tonsils help to fight bacteria and virus infections and are an important part of the immune system. They are oval shaped lumps located at the back of the mouth. Traditionally, they were removed if they were enlarged.
Tonsils are clumps of tissue on both sides of the throat that help to fight infections. Tonsils also help in the immune system as they contain lymphoid tissue, which is found throughout the gastrointestinal tract and the base of the tongue.
Tonsils trap virus and bacteria that a person may breathe in. They are soft glandular lumps and part of the immune system. They vary in size among different people. The common symptom of their infection is a sore throat.
Tonsils are used for warding off infection by parasitic agents like worms. They are two clumps of lymphoid tissue situated way back in the throat, entrenched in the roof of the mouth. They have no effect if they are removed.
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The main functions of the tonsils are antibody production and aiding in immune function. Sometimes tonsils become chronically inflamed and must be removed.
Tonsils are two clumps of tissue located way back in the throat, embedded in the roof of the mouth. They are part of the body's lymphatic system. Medical theory is that tonsils may
Tonsils are not used anymore.
Tonsils are more important in dealing with certain types of infections, such as
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