What are tourists?


Tourists are people who are traveling or visiting places for pleasure. The term "tourist" is most often used to refer to a person visiting a place on a vacation trip as opposed to a person visiting a place for business.

"Tourist" is perceived as a stereotypical term. Local people tend to refer to anyone who is sightseeing, appears confused or is ignorant of local customs as a tourist. Local people may call themselves tourists if they are doing typical tourist activities, such as visiting museums, landmarks or going on tours. "Tourist" comes from the word tour, meaning to travel from place to place.

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The tourist visa is restricted to visitors entering the country as tourists. Other types of visas include work, student, missionary and diplomatic. Visitors can apply for a single
Someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business, usually sightseeing and staying in hotels and One who makes a tour, or performs a journey in a circuit.
For a tourist who that just landed in Brunei the first thing you would do is to find a hotel, which in most instances would be in the Bandar Seri Begawan, the city. The cheapest form
hartford and bridgeport.
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a person who is traveling, especially for pleasure.
in tourist-class accommodations, or by tourist-class conveyance: to travel tourist.
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