What Are Vindictive People?


Vindictive people are people who are disposed to seeking revenge or intend to hurt and cause anguish to others. They are often bullies and are malicious, ill willed and spiteful in nature. This is mostly attributed to jealousy.
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A vindictive person is one who feels that they have been wronged and seeks revenge. If a person has stolen from you, you may not only want to get back the items that were stolen,
noun The quality or condition of being vindictive: revenge, spite, spitefulness, vengefulness. See forgiveness/vindictiveness.
Vindicated means obsolete : to set free : deliver; to free from allegation or blame. Thanks for
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Vindictive people are those who have a very strong want for revenge on another person or people. Dealing with vindictive people can be challenging and even frightening ...
There are two types of people when it comes to diversity. There are those who are forgiving and those who are vindictive. People who are forgiving won't get upset ...
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