What Are Vocational Skills?


Vocational skills are practical skills that one acquires on a specific area of interest such as life skill, artwork, gardening and carpentry. These skills are very specific to one's area of interest and are mostly practical rather than theoretical.
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The ability to work with your mind and your hands and earn a living.
A vocation can be a calling, career or a job. Being a nun or a priest is a vocation. You can also say that volunteering in your community is your vocation.
Vocational skills are skills that are based in manual or practical
Vocational education training provides information to individuals that will allow them to be successful in a job. It can involve training on how to get the job, behave and dress while
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What Are Vocational Skills?
A vocational education teaches practical job training in a hands-on environment that is typically not in a classroom. Vocational school graduates have a variety of jobs, including mechanic, carpenter, mason, cake decorator and landscaper. While... More »
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Vocational skills are those gained from education that is tailored to prepare the learner for jobs that are based in practical or manual activities. Vocational training is traditionally non academic and is related to a specific trade or occupation. It is also known as Vocational Education and Training.
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Vocational means that which relates to an occupation or employment. This word also describes a person who is undergiong training in a particular skill specifically ...
The NOCTI and practice tests focus on the vocational skills of students. The testing aids in possible jobs, or carrers, the students might persue. By analyzing ...
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