What Are Volcanoes Made of?


Volcanoes are mountains where lava, that is, hot, liquid rock, comes from a magma chamber under the ground where pressure causes it to blow off the top of the solid rock, and then the magma pours out.
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Damage from volcanoes is different from that associated with earthquakes or hurricanes because the area affected is generally a lot smaller - not more than 30 miles from the volcano
Rock, pushed up by the force of magma as a result of the convection currents in the magma under the plates that make up continents. I would have a better explanation but Firefox crapped
Vulcan, the god of fire, was said to have made tools and weapons for the other
In a phrase, volcanic rock. Each volcano erupts constructively and destructively, and some of those constructive eruptions build the sides of the volcano. The type of magma determines
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Volcanoes are formed when magma found inside the upper mantle of the Earth forces its way to the surface. When it reaches the surface, it erupts forming ash deposits and lava flows. The volcano will get bigger as it continues to erupt.
There are many different kinds of volcanoes namely: shield, cinder cone and composite. All volcanoes are made of gas and magma. The magma turns into lava at the earth's surface. The lava cools to make a hill and this happens many times to form a hill or mountain shape.
Volcanoes are made out of solidified lava, ash and cinder, which are released during one or several eruptions. All volcanoes start as holes in the ground and grow over time.
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