What Are Warning Signs of an Earthquake?


The warning signs of an earthquake include slight tremors. It is not unlikely for there to be several rumblings before a full earthquake.
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under ground animals like rodents, snakes and mole come out of the ground, they will know the earth's seismic waves. answer 2. We have 4 or 5 earthquakes each year, mostly quite minor
Whirling dust and debris at the ground level or visible beneath clouds indicates approaching tornado activity. The funnel from the cloud may not be visible to the eye, as it may be
CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND—A sharp series of about 20 aftershocks rattled New Zealand’s earthquake-hit city of Christchurch overnight, and earthquake experts warned Tuesday
The most important sign of an impending volcanic eruption is seismic activity beneath the volcanic area. Seismologists can interpret subtle differences between earthquakes related
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What Are Warning Signs of an Earthquake?
Predicting earthquakes is not an exact science. We have a better understanding of the phenomenon in the modern age due to extensive study, yet the earthquake remains one of nature’s more elusive occurrences.... More »
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