What Are Woven Highlights?


This is a type of hair style done with foil, colour wraps, or a spatula can be used, preparing woven highlights is a highly skilled technique. Prepare the hair by section the nine-section so that you can work methodically, step by step. Take subsection of hair and weave out the hair with a pin tail comb, place the woven strands onto the correct length of foil apply bleach, and then re-seal the packets. Always start from the nape and work upwards.
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Woven roving fiberglass is a cloth made by interlacing one continuous strand of glass fiber with heavy weight fabrics. This type of fiberglass cloth is compatible with most resins
A. woven. is a cloth formed by weaving. It only stretches in the bias directions (between the warp and weft directions) unless the threads are elastic. Woven cloth usually frays at
(wō'vən) v. Past participle of weave . adj. Made by weaving: a finely woven rug. n. Material or a fabric made by weaving.
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