What Are Woven Highlights?


This is a type of hair style done with foil, colour wraps, or a spatula can be used, preparing woven highlights is a highly skilled technique. Prepare the hair by section the nine-section so that you can work methodically, step by step. Take subsection of hair and weave out the hair with a pin tail comb, place the woven strands onto the correct length of foil apply bleach, and then re-seal the packets. Always start from the nape and work upwards.
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I would suggest getting pulled trew a cap not many salons still do that method because they can charge more for foiling .I still like the look you get threw a cap .I do most of my
About 2 hours time. Cut & blow dry for short hair 30mins, long hair 45mins, Woven highlights (prep & application) half head 30mins, processing 30-40mins. report this answer.
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