What Are You Allowed to Pack in Your Suitcase?


You are allowed to pack in your suitcase anything that you need. But there are simple packing guidelines that one can use while packing. Certain airlines have weight limits and restrictions on what you can carry when flying, particularly in hand luggage. For example, nail scissors and razors may be banned. Liquids may also have to be seperated from luggage when passing through airport security.
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1. Remember this order of operations: shirts on the bottom, then dresses (if applicable) then pants. 2. Stack tops, unfolded, by placing wrinkle-prone tops toward the bottom of a
1. Ensure the weather of your destination. If it'll be hot in your destination, avoid packing things made from materials like fleece. Pack a few sweatshirts/jackets in case the hotel
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I'm guessing the main thing you're worried about with the suit is the jacket. (The pants should be fairly straight forward.) You'll want to turn the jacket inside out and fold it.
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