What Are Your Tips for Turning an Internship into a Full Time Position?

There are a lot of variables that determine whether or not an organization can take on another full time employee, but I'm sure there are strategies that can help boost an intern's chances. What are your tips or suggestions for turning an internship into a full time position? High quality contributions will be included in an upcoming report on career development.


Sheryl Kovach (President & Chief Executive Officer, Kandor Group, Inc.)
Hi Caty,
I think the first thing to consider is whether or not the business needs a full-time employee, as this will have cost implications. If the business needs a full-time position at the time the internship assignment ends, and depending upon your company's policies, you need to post the position to allow others to apply for it; thus demonstrating an equal opportunity for everyone to apply. Interview the top candidates, and if the intern is the top candidate following the interview, extend an offer for regular full-time employment. Refrain from making any implied or expressly stated promises or guarantees to the intern during their assignment that the position will become a regular position on the company's payroll. (I never use the word 'permanent' position, because if you are in a state where employment is at-will, telling a job candidate they have or will have permanent employment can create legal challenges down the road.

Hope this helps.
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