What Attracts Bats?


Bats accumulate in an area because they are searching for food, water, and shelter. Insects that are partial to areas near lights or water sources will attract bats as well as hummingbird feeders that are filled with nectar.
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1. Turn on the lights. Many bats eat insects, and lights attract bugs. You can set up lights around your backyard, or have a few on your porch. Turn them on and watch the insects
1. A bat house in your yard will help attract bats and provide them with much-needed roosting habitat. The house should be placed on a pole 15 feet high in a spot that receives sun
Flowers. or fruit
Bats are color blind so they are not attracted to colors. They do tend to eat dark
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Areas of high insect quantities attract bats. Bats like not having to search for their food they would rather have a food source open and available to them. What attracts bats high insect population.
Bats are attracted to swarms of insects. Bats fly around at night eating and preying on mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. They sleep during the day, and enjoy a very tall bat house for protection.
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