What Attracts Moths?


Moths are attracted to light and this is to specific wavelengths of light just like humans. Other moths are attracted to fabrics or clothes made of woollen, carpets that are stained with food, perspiration and urine.
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The same flowers that attract butterflies, attract moths. Some examples are Heather, Marigolds, Asters, Sallow, and Red Valerian. Lights also attract moths.
Light at night will attract moths. They also like wool fabrics. Moths live a very short life so they basically seek out food and a mate and then die. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moth
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Sugary substances attract moths quite easily. You can mix up a combination of sugary things such as Kayro syrup and rum, along with a little added sugar. Spread this onto tree trunks
1. Illuminate a porch light or battery-powered lantern on a warm, dark night to attract moths quickly and easily. 2. Cover a black light with a white sheet outdoors. Illuminate it
The moths around my house always seem to flock around any type of light at night. I'm not sure it is as much the light as it is the heat the light is giving off. Not sure if this
Because they are phototactic. They just do it! Cockroaches are negatively
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Woolen fabrics and carpets stained with food, perspiration or urine attract moths in the home. The moths usually feed on materials containing wool or woven fibres ...
Moths are attracted to light. It is not fully understood why this is so but various theories have been brought forth to try and explain the attraction. One of ...
Classify which plants that interest hummingbird moths will grow in your area by building a list of wanted plants and either penetrating on the Web or by visiting ...
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