What Birds Can't Fly?


Birds that can't fly include ostriches, emus, turkeys, penguins and kiwis. Other birds that are classified as flightless are cassowaries, common rhea and kakapo. The dodo, dinornis and the moa are other birds which could not fly but hey are now extinct.
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The only birds that are unable to take flight are ostriches, emus and penguins. Emus and ostriches are mostly raised for their meat. Birds that cannot fly have more feathers than birds that can.
The main birds that cannot fly are the ostrich, emu, kiwi and the penguin. Contrary to popular belief, chickens do fly but their wings get cut so they can't
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Birds are built for flying. They have bones and feathers that make them very light. Most of their bones are hollow and act like air pockets. Birds are mostly feathers ...
Birds fly by flapping their wings. When its wing flaps, a resistance of the air to the wing produces an upward reaction on the wing. This force is transmitted ...
The heaviest flying birds are the kori bustard and the great bustard, which can both weigh up to 42 pounds each. The males of each species are the largest, with ...
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