What bodies of water surround Ireland?


Ireland is surrounded by the Irish Sea, the North Channel, St. George’s Channel, the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is an island located off the northwest coast of Europe and is considered part of the United Kingdom.

The Irish Sea, also known as the Manx Sea, separates Ireland from Great Britain and Scotland. The two largest islands in the Irish Sea are Anglesey Island and the Isle of Man. At the Irish Sea’s northern boundaries, it connects to the Atlantic through the North Channel.

The North Channel, also known as the Straits of Moyle, separates Ireland from the southwest region of Scotland and leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

St. George’s Channel connects the southern Irish Sea to the Celtic Sea, which is bounded by Great Britain and France on the east and the continental shelf on the west.

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Ireland is bordered on the north, south and west by the Atlantic Ocean and on
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What Bodies of Water Surround Ireland?
As an island, Ireland, which comprises both the Republic of Ireland and part of the United Kingdom, is surrounded by water on all sides. For geographical and cartographical (map-making) purposes, the Earth's hydrosphere--all liquid water covering the... More »
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