Organs on Lower Left Side of Body?


The body organs that are located in the lower left side of your back are your kidney and your descending colon.The kidney is responsible for removing waste products from your body
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i would like to know what is the lower back
The kidneys along with the small and large
Not Md. Advice. Your large intestine and obliques are on the lower left side of your abdominal area.
The organs on the left side of your body include half of your: brain, thyroid, reproductive organs, parathyroids and your left, kidney, stomach and spleen. Almost all of the pancreas
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The organ primarily located at the lower lower left side of your back is the left kidney. If you are experiencing pain from that region, it is either a problem ...
The kidney is located on either side of the body below the diaphragm near the lower back. Each kidney is linked to the bladder in the pelvis by ureters. Their ...
Your kidneys are located on either side of your body about the waistline toward your back. If you have kidney problems, you have probably experienced some lower ...
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