What Brand Is the Best for Laminate Flooring?


When laminating a floor rating such as AC1 OR AC5 is always considered. For example, an AC1 rating means it has the lowest durability level and would be best used in low-traffic residential areas (perhaps a bedroom).
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I am an independent contrator who has isntalled and sold floor covering for the last 4 yrs. I have installaed hundreds of laminate jobs and I have seen it all. From an installation
Certain types of flooring are more conducive to pets than others. There are two types of laminate floors, and high-pressure laminate (HPL) is the most durable. This is especially
Hi, A Steam Floor Mop will work well on laminate floors because if it is left on the floor for a second or two, which will not cause damage to the wood flooring. Steam Floor Mops
To clean a floating laminate floor first, dry mop the floor
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Laminate flooring Review
Laminate flooring reproduces the look of more expensive wood or stone flooring, but costs much less. Laminate flooring has a... Read More »
Est. Price: $4
Cheaper facsimile of wood
, Easy to install
, Resistant to staining and fading
Can't be refinished
, Doesn't help resale value of your home
, Can be damaged by water
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