What Breed Is a Black and White Cat?


Some of the cat breeds that are usually black and white in colour are tuxedo cats and jellicle cats. Usually, these cats have white paws, chests and bellies with some white on the face in addition to their largely black fur.
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The description sounds like your cat is a silver/grey tabby. However, the term "tabby" is a coat pattern, and therefore is no indicator of the breed (many different breeds
It's not a breed, it's just a type of cat. I've had 2 black and whites and they've all been strays and I think they're great. Go to the pound and you can find one with no problem.
Description. Carpet beetles are small, oblong-shaped bugs. They are black in color and have white stripes on their wings. The adult black carpet beetles are approximately 1/8 to 3
There are quite a few cats that are grey and white
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Black and white cats are most likely to be the Tuxedo Cats or Jellicle Cats. Their most common features are black and white strips with white paws, chest, and belly, and regularly some white patches on the face.
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