What breed of dog is Benji?


Benji is a mixed breed dog, also known as a mutt. As of 2014, four dogs have played the role, the most recent of which is a female mixed breed. According to Benji's creator, Joe Camp, the current Benji displays characteristics indicating she has some Tibetan Terrier and some spaniel in her lineage.

The original Benji was a male dog whose off-camera name was Higgins. He was adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter in Burbank, Calif. The current Benji was adopted from the Human Society of Southern Mississippi after a nationwide search through shelters for a new star. The American Humane Association has reported that because the original Benji came from a shelter, more than 1 million dogs were adopted nationally.

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He was a Tibetan Terrier with some type of Cocker Spaniel.
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The dog in the movie Benji (1974) was played by a mixed breed dog named Higgins.
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Benji is a mixed breed dog of the Tibetan terrier and spaniel. The character of benji has been played by different dogs. The movies in which Benji has starred ...
All the dogs that have played Benji in the movies and on tv were basically 'mutts', with the possibility of there being a little cocker spaniel, a bit of poodle, ...
Benji Superstar is actually a female mixed breed. She might have some Tibetan terrier in her lineage. ...
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