What breed of dog is in the movie "Next Friday"?


In the 2000 comedy film "Next Friday," the role of Chico the dog is played by a white bull terrier. This is a breed of dog from the terrier family.

In the film, the dog has triangular ears and an egg-shaped head, which is consistent with the breed. He displays aggressive tendencies towards some of the characters in the movie. This is also consistent with the breed's traits, as bull terriers have strong prey instincts and can cause harm when provoked. Bull terriers typically weigh between 55 and 80 pounds and are often extremely muscular. Another well-known bull terrier in pop culture is the white dog used in advertisements for the retailer Target.

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Hes a bull terrier.
Bull Terriers have appeared in several movies, including: It's
bull terrier.
In Steve Carr's movie Next Friday released in 2000, the dog, Chico, was a bull terrier!
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