What breed of dog is Benji?


Benji is a mixed breed dog. Frank Inn, the man who discovered the original Benji, believed him to be a mix of cocker spaniel, miniature poodle and schnauzer, but since his origins were unknown, that is just speculation.

Joe Camp, the creator of Benji,describes his breed as a huggable, floppy-eared mutt. The original Benji, a dog named Higgins, was adopted from an animal shelter. Four dogs have played Benji, including Higgins' daughter, Benjean. The third Benji was also related to Higgins but did not star in any movies. The current Benji is a female who was adopted from a shelter in Mississippi. Camp sought out a dog from an animal shelter for the role in an effort to draw attention to the plight of shelter animals.

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He was actually a mutt (mixed breed) from a shelter! The next two movies used the
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The dog in the movie Benji (1974) was played by a mixed breed dog named Higgins.
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