What Camera Is Better Nikon D5000 or Nikon 3100?


D500 has Innovative Vary-angle monitor, outstanding image quality and digital SLR movie function while D3100 employs Nikon's latest breakthrough technology to deliver superb results. A newly developed DX-format CMOS sensor with 14.2 effective megapixels works.
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Nikon D5000 Review
Reviews have recommended the 12.3-megapixel Nikon D5000 as an excellent digital SLR for photography enthusiasts or even new SLR... Read More »
Sharp flip-down LCD with live view
, 720p HD video
, Fast (4 fps)
Image noise at high ISO levels
, Video only 24 fps
, Autofocus points hard to see
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Depends on what your wanting, if you want something more video based, you'll probably want the D5000. But, if you want something more photography based, you more likely to want the
The D3100 is newer and the D5100 replaced the aging D5000. If you don't want to save enough pennies to buy the D5100, get the D3100. Source(s) proFotog.
The video and the better Live View focus technique is better
1. Power on your Nikon D5000. 2. Switch the mode dial to the "Sports" setting. To be able to freeze a hummingbird in mid-air, you need to use a combination of a wide aperture
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1. Turn on the Nikon D5000 and look through the viewfinder to aim the camera at the subject you want to photograph. 2. Press the shutter-release button down half ...
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