What Can Cause a Bladder to Not Empty All the Way?


The retention of urine and the incomplete process of bladder emptying can be caused by an inadequately contractile bladder, a urethral sphincter obstruction, or both. When the bladder does not contract properly, some urine remains in the bladder. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to a urinary tract infection and/or kidney damage.
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Considering that this question is under the heading of germs and bacteria, i will attempt to answer it based on cross-contamination. For males it does not matter if they wipe from
External bacteria traveling up the urethra is one of the main causes
you probably still have it . thats also a sign of a bladder infection. drink lots of water and cranberry juice this should help big time. Source(s) experience.
If your prostate is enlarged, it will cut off the passage of urine, so you will not be able to pee. Ido not know if this is your problem. Suggest you follow the directions you are
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Urinary withholding and partial emptying can result from several causes such as urethral obstruction, bladder dysfunction or myogenic failure. This disorder has become more common and it can often be silent up to end-stage of excess incontinence.
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